Married in the Woods

So much of their personality went into this wedding and it really shone through. Stephan and Ruth married at Lisvanagh House, Carlow. The drive way to the house was decorated with colourful Chinese lanterns up to the main garden of the house where shabby chic furniture had been arranged outside for a good old fashion cook out (ribs on an open flame) when the guests arrived.

Stephen and Ruth decided to do their day, their way. Instead of having their photoshoot after the ceremony, they decided they would rather do it before. So they had a ‘first look’ as Stephen waited patiently at the foot of the staircase waiting for Ruth to descend, seeing her in her beautiful dress for the first time.

When the time came for the vows, all of the guests walked down a decorated batch into the heart of the woods where the trees were lined with gorgeous colourful ribbons. The sun decided to stick around making it all the more lovely. The couple opted for a humanist ceremony complete with hand fastening and a blessing of the rings.

After the vows, the newly weds went off to enjoy their reception and dinner, having gotten the photos out of the way earlier, they had more time to enjoy themselves with their guests on thier first day as a married couple.

Photography on the day was provided by Claire at Ginger Pixel.

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